Who We Are

RED11 is a new way of looking at people. Founded with a commitment to erasing stereotypes and breaking from the norm. We are a creative, smart and savvy company that puts people at the center of everything we do. We want to do business with human beings. We want to get to know what they want, why they think what they think, and what really matters in their lives. We want to make a real connection in the post-advertising world.

Our Work >

Why We Exist

We understand that generating entertaining and shareable contents that are people oriented is a challenge for both brands and advertising agencies. Delivering the right message to the right people at the right time was a pain. RED11 steps into the fold and creatively fills the gap.


Our experience in advertising starts in 1986 when Mike had a mullet and was working at a TV station. Between newscasts and sweeping floors, he watched A LOT of MTV. He dreamed of making music videos and ruling the Multimedia empires of the Earth. By 1987, he’d made some low-budget music videos. In 1996, he started 5 Star Productions and traveled all over the US and other countries, worked with hundreds of ad agencies, talent agencies, and media people from all walks of life. While working on several campaigns for friends in the biz and also doing free work for numerous charities, he decided it’d be cool to get paid instead of doing it for free.


How We Got Here

Examining the good and the bad, in 2012, the search was on for a purposefully built facility with a new way of doing business: connecting with the human side of the customers, having fun, and never overlooking the fact that RED11 would constantly be discovering new avenues for generating business with local, regional, and national clients.


Our values and strategic way of approaching things and most importantly, our people-centric contents, have brought us this far.


How We Work

As a brand that is people-oriented and is keen on providing the best possible content, we invest in the best minds available. The team that was assembled is as creative, different and quirky as it gets. Top to bottom, it’s a group that was selected from some of the most talented individuals in the area. We have assisted several large clientele, including IBM, Kelloggs, Rheem, Umarex USA, Walther, Pinnacle Communications, and more. We have designed everything from door hangers, print, TV, and radio ads, vehicle wraps, and buildings to a multi-level website that is HIPAA & ADA approved. (For many, this is not yet achievable, and for some, a pain in the ass. We cruise through it like a geek).


RED11 is adept at generating rich brand contents that resonate with diverse audiences. Our approach to business is result-driven and people-oriented. We creatively mine ideas and develop strategies that help drive actionable plans, and by so doing, amplify your brand awareness.


Our business model is set up with the lowest overhead possible based on a proven method developed by Chris Guillebeau. If at any time, the partnership does not work, we will pull the big red plug and move on. We are human, after all, and have a lot of stuff to pull off.


The Results

The RED11 team of intelligent, hard-working, and talented problem-solvers are in-house to get things done. These folks work like they need the gig and they give their utmost best! Your job is not just another number that walks through the door to pay electricity; it gets the attention it deserves. WE WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU! We want to understand your needs and choose the best associates who will be compatible to be on your team. If you are in search of the greatest talent the Earth has ever seen, we will get ‘em for you. We play nice, and everyone at RED11 knows that it takes specialized talent for every gig, so we pull from the source that gets you the best results.


The outstanding work that results from these inputs and strategies drives people to embrace your brands and take an actionable plan.


Our capabilities


Designs that are filled with rich words and gives birth through spreading the message beyond your brand’s reach.


We deliver multi-level websites that are HIPAA & ADA approved.


A beautiful marriage of craft, inspiration, and storytelling.


We produce highly engaging TV, radio ads and branded contents that say a lot more than words can quantify.


Photos that tell a story.